digital dental x-rays

When Dr. Neal Patel opened his dental practice following graduation, he embarked on building it from the ground up. To help establish credibility and appeal to patients, he invested in the latest dental technologies on day one.

Today, only five years since the founding of this fully digital office, Infinite Smiles in Powell, Ohio, has attracted more than 3,600 patients from around the world.

Patients are Drawn to Digital

When patients walk through the doors of Infinite Smiles, the state-of-the-art technology is one of the first things they notice: Sirona’s GALILEOS 3D imaging, CEREC AC with Omnicam, CEREC AC with Bluecam, Schick 33 digital intraoral sensors, inEos X5 Scanner, inFire HTC Speed, and SIROLaser Advance.

Dr. Patel believes his investment in digital technology ensures the longevity and success of his practice.

“I find that dentists often create their own hurdles by not investing in the right technology,” said Dr. Patel. “Today, patients are drawn to progressive dentists who combine their skills with the latest technological advancements. My philosophy was always ‘go big or go home.’ Patients want digital dentistry. If you’re not considering digital for your practice yet, you are already losing patients to other dentists like me, who use digital every day.”

Changing the Patient Mindset with Digital Radiography

Digital technology bridges the communication gap between clinician and patient. Dr. Patel’s patients—especially his newer patients who’ve never experienced digital X-rays before—are always impressed with the sophistication and efficiency of Sirona’s technology. His dental team uses the Schick 33 sensor for all digital intraoral imaging.

Schick 33 combines industry-leading resolution with unprecedented image management. Using Schick 33, the dental team quickly captures a patient’s images and the X-rays are instantly loaded into the Schick 33 image management software, as well as displayed on a monitor for the patient to view from the dental chair.

Dr. Patel credits the clarity of the digital images for keeping case acceptance high at Infinite Smiles.

“It took me years to learn how to read an X-ray in dental school, yet we expect our patients to understand an image in 60 seconds or less. With film, I’d say, ‘Trust me, although you may not see it, a cavity is right there.’ With Schick 33, I don’t have to do that anymore,” said Dr. Patel. “The images are crisp and clear. My patients now know exactly what I’m talking about and they comprehend the pathology better. Digital radiography generates a different kind of reaction than film ever could, and my patients look forward to seeing their digital images.”

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