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Infinite Smiles Turns to Game-Changing Technology

Photo of dental hygienist from Dr. Neal Patel, DDS, taking a digital radiograph on a patient

Dr. Neal Patel, DDS, wants Infinite Smiles to exude modern dentistry, so he designed the Powell, Ohio, dental practice around the latest digital technologies. The six-operatory office features innovative equipment, such as Sirona’s Schick 33 digital intraoral sensors. The sensor is a real game-changer in his office and the industry,…

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Improving Pediatric Dentistry with Digital Radiography

Dental hygienst

“Every picture tells a story.” –Rod Stewart When it comes to treating young patients, Dr. Joshua Solomon says storytelling is important. Think about reading a book to a child; oftentimes, it is the pictures that most resonate with them. The same can be said for dental X-rays. As a pediatric…

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Dr. Margarita Degtyarevea on Digital Dentistry

Photo of Dr. Margarita Degtyarevea

When Dr. Margarita Degtyarevea switched to the Schick 33 digital intraoral sensor, she was extremely impressed with the increased clarity and diagnostics. So impressed, she retook x-rays on patients who had them taken with her old sensors six months prior—just to see the difference. “Images taken by Schick 33 are…

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Advanced Imaging Improves Pathology

Photo of dental hygienist from Gene Messenger, DDS, giving a patient a digital radiograph

Gene Messenger, DDS, is no stranger to technology. This “high-tech” dentist created his Berkshire County, Mass., practice with the goal of utilizing only the most innovative technologies on the market. In August 2012, while searching for the most advanced digital radiography technology, Dr. Messenger attended the debut of the Schick…

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Building Patient Trust with the Schick 33

Photo of Dr. Michael Skramstad showing a patient his digital dental x-ray

Trust is a defining element in any relationship. When it comes to the patient-dentist relationship, case acceptance depends heavily on a patient’s trust in his or her dentist. Dr. Michael Skramstad, DDS, builds trust with his patients by using digital radiography. The advanced technology and imaging builds greater patient confidence…

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