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From Schick CDR to Schick 33

If you wear glasses, then you can appreciate the immediate improvement in vision that a pair of spectacles makes. That’s the analogy Dr. Michael Fernandez uses when describing the image quality of Schick CDR compared to Schick 33—the clarity is so sharp that it’s like putting on a pair of…

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Video Testimonial: Dr. Richard Cooper on Sensor Upgrades

Photo of Dr. Richard Cooper

Sometimes you have to see the difference to believe it. That’s what happened with Dr. Rich Cooper at West Loop Dental Associates in Chicago when he compared an image from Schick 33 to Schick CDR. “When we looked at the images from the Schick 33, I knew almost instantly that…

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Every Minute Counts in an Emergency

Photo of a digital dental x-ray

“The way to meet emergencies is to do each daily task the best we can.” – William Feather Many dentists focus on the day-to-day impact that digital radiography has on their practices. While Dr. Darin O’Bryan agrees, he said that he has most benefited from the technology during patient emergency…

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Creating an Innovative Digital Dental Practice

digital dental x-rays

When Dr. Neal Patel opened his dental practice following graduation, he embarked on building it from the ground up. To help establish credibility and appeal to patients, he invested in the latest dental technologies on day one. Today, only five years since the founding of this fully digital office, Infinite…

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Second Time is a Charm

Still image of the Schick 33 digital intraoral sensor

Jim Fox, DDS, trained in digital radiography during clinical lab at dental school. So when he joined his family’s practice after graduating three years ago, he knew they had to upgrade from film. “After I had the opportunity to experience digital at dental school, I knew there was no going…

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