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Tips for Utilizing Digital Radiography in Pediatric Dentistry

As a second-generation pediatric dentist, I understand both the joys and the challenges that come with treating children. While many dentists and staff members are hesitant and uncomfortable taking x-rays on children, it can be accomplished with proper techniques and equipment. Although dental x-rays can be difficult to capture on…

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Tips to Alleviate Dental Patient Stress

Dentist patient consult

We’ve all seen our share of patients who delay appointments because they fear the dentist’s office. I’ve found that the best way to remedy patient anxiety is through communication and helping them understand what we’re doing and why. Here are some tips that we use in our office: Set Expectations:…

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Making the Most of Digital Files

digital dental xrays

Like most dentists, I value practice management techniques. As the executive director of the Foundry Dental Center, it’s critical to have a dental office that can efficiently accommodate a large number of patients. In fact, our center sees up to 60 patients in one day. Two years ago, we implemented…

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Optimizing your Digital Transition

Photo of Joe Goldstone, Sirona Dental

Dentistry is rocketing into the digital age like never before, and managing a practice growth strategy that can accommodate new technologies is a key to success in dentistry. While navigating that path can be difficult and confusing at times, it doesn’t have to be. In this webinar presentation, Sirona Dental’s…

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