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Infinite Smiles Turns to Game-Changing Technology

Photo of dental hygienist from Dr. Neal Patel, DDS, taking a digital radiograph on a patient

Dr. Neal Patel, DDS, wants Infinite Smiles to exude modern dentistry, so he designed the Powell, Ohio, dental practice around the latest digital technologies. The six-operatory office features innovative equipment, such as Sirona’s Schick 33 digital intraoral sensors. The sensor is a real game-changer in his office and the industry,…

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Every Minute Counts in an Emergency

Photo of a digital dental x-ray

“The way to meet emergencies is to do each daily task the best we can.” – William Feather Many dentists focus on the day-to-day impact that digital radiography has on their practices. While Dr. Darin O’Bryan agrees, he said that he has most benefited from the technology during patient emergency…

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Chair Chat: Dr. August de Oliveira

Photo of Dr. August de Oliveira

Dr. August de Oliveira is widely recognized for his use of digital dental technologies and often tapped as an expert resource. Between seeing patients at his busy private practice in Encino, Calif., and traveling to industry events, Sirona caught up with Dr. de Oliveira to talk about digital radiography.  Sirona:…

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Creating an Innovative Digital Dental Practice

digital dental x-rays

When Dr. Neal Patel opened his dental practice following graduation, he embarked on building it from the ground up. To help establish credibility and appeal to patients, he invested in the latest dental technologies on day one. Today, only five years since the founding of this fully digital office, Infinite…

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Chair Chat: Dr. Peter Gardell

Photo of Dr. Peter Gardell

The office of Peter A. Gardell, DDS, PC, serves patients of all ages with dental services ranging from root canals to implants. During the last few years, the practice has undergone a digital transformation, moving away from traditional processes like film-based X-rays and toward digital radiography. Dr. Gardell is a…

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