Still image of the Schick 33 digital intraoral sensor

Jim Fox, DDS, trained in digital radiography during clinical lab at dental school. So when he joined his family’s practice after graduating three years ago, he knew they had to upgrade from film.

“After I had the opportunity to experience digital at dental school, I knew there was no going back. There are many reasons to choose digital: you see and diagnose more, it’s faster and easier, and it improves the patient experience,” Fox explained.

Choosing Value

For many, cost can be the deciding factor when choosing a digital sensor. Initially, the price tag can seem prohibitive; but compared to regularly buying film and chemicals, the up-front investment of buying sensors is a better value.

Fox Family Dental in Cape Girardeau, Mo., had been using the Dexis Platinum sensors, but recently upgraded to the Schick 33.

“We needed a solution that works, a device that lives up to its promises and a support team that stands behind its word,” he said. “We found all of that with Sirona and Patterson. If we could do it all over again, we’d go straight for the Schick 33. The lesson learned is to look at the total cost of ownership.”

Dr. Fox described the overall design of the Schick sensor as user-friendly. Its interchangeable cable technology enables different cable lengths (3 feet, 6 feet or 9 feet). Also, if there’s an issue with the cable, users don’t need to send the whole sensor for repair. Following Dr. Fox’s belief that “a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work,” the team uses two different Schick 33 sensor sizes, depending on the patient and image needed.

Software integration was also a critical need. Dr. Fox wanted a sensor to work seamlessly with their practice management software without requiring a bridge or additional program.

“We need to be able to manage images easily without depending on numerous software programs,” Dr. Fox said. “Team and patients’ time is valuable, and we want to be as efficient as possible when taking, finding and sharing images.”

The Schick 33 works with DICOM 5, Patterson Imaging and Eaglesoft Imaging, which Fox Family Dental already uses, making it a perfect fit.

Superior Value

With digital radiography, the Fox Family Dental team has improved their ability to diagnose. Gone are the days of the team wasting time taking pictures, mixing chemicals and developing film. The digital process is easy and it’s the best way to present a case to patients.

“Radiographs have come a long way,” Dr. Fox reflected. “With its capabilities and support, the Schick 33 will ultimately pay for itself.”

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