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Tell Us: The Best Advantage of Digital

Schick 33 with digital x-ray on screen

There are many advantages of digital intraoral radiography compared to traditional film x-rays. But what’s the best advantage? We want to hear from the doctors and hygienists who use it every day.

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Practice Spotlight: Peter A. Gardell, DDS, PC

Dental hygienist

From crowns and fillings to porcelain veneers and root canals, Dr. Peter Gardell, DDS, provides a wide range of dental services in Stamford, Conn. Patient comfort is a top priority at his practice, and Dr. Gardell takes the time to address each individual’s needs and concerns. The practice, which built…

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Improving Pediatric Dentistry with Digital Radiography

Dental hygienst

“Every picture tells a story.” –Rod Stewart When it comes to treating young patients, Dr. Joshua Solomon says storytelling is important. Think about reading a book to a child; oftentimes, it is the pictures that most resonate with them. The same can be said for dental X-rays. As a pediatric…

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Tips to Alleviate Dental Patient Stress

Dentist patient consult

We’ve all seen our share of patients who delay appointments because they fear the dentist’s office. I’ve found that the best way to remedy patient anxiety is through communication and helping them understand what we’re doing and why. Here are some tips that we use in our office: Set Expectations:…

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From Schick CDR to Schick 33

If you wear glasses, then you can appreciate the immediate improvement in vision that a pair of spectacles makes. That’s the analogy Dr. Michael Fernandez uses when describing the image quality of Schick CDR compared to Schick 33—the clarity is so sharp that it’s like putting on a pair of…

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