Photo of Trevor Barnett, Sirona Dental Intraoral Territory Manager

Meet Sirona Intraoral Territory Manager Trevor Barnett, who will be at Hinman 2014 this week in Atlanta. If you’re attending the show, be sure to stop by Sirona booth 1701 or Patterson Dental booth 1707 to learn about Schick products. Here, Trevor talks with us about digital dentistry and shares what customers are saying about dental technology.

About Trevor:

He was born and raised in Georgia and has family in Birmingham, Ala.

In his free time, Trevor enjoys playing golf and whitewater kayaking.

Describe your position at Sirona.

I have been with Sirona as an Intraoral TM for one year, but I’ve been in the dental business for nine years. Previously, I worked for a manufacturing company that made capital equipment.

Typically, I meet with doctors early in the product review process. I like to be involved in every step — from the product introduction and office demonstration to the actual install and training on Schick 33.

What are some common questions you receive at the Sirona booth and in dental offices?

Doctors and office staff tend to have very similar questions and objectives at tradeshows and office visits. I find that most doctors have done research through our website and have a basic understanding of the product and what it’s benefits are. They want to see and take images.

During an office visit, we take live x-rays so the doctor and staff can see the clarity of the images from Schick 33 and compare them to what they are currently using.

Once they see the Schick 33 images firsthand, I usually hear, “Wow, I can’t believe it’s that clear.” They are pleasantly surprised with our technology.

What are you hearing from your customers relating to the growing influence of digital technology in dentistry?

Most dentists I interact with already have digital x-rays in their office and are looking to upgrade their current sensor or switch from a competitor.

But when I have offices switch from film to Schick 33, I always hear, “I can’t believe I waited this long – no chemicals, I diagnose better, my appointments are shorter, my patients are happier.”

What are you most excited to share with customers?

Digital technology is forever evolving, and so is Sirona. I love to show my customers the clear resolution and image customization you get with Schick 33 and our software.

Dentists are truly excited about Schick 33 and, when my customers are excited, I’m excited!

What do you enjoy most about tradeshows?

There is a lot of buzz and a lot of energy around Schick 33 in both the Sirona and Patterson booths. It’s exciting to be involved. It’s great to see the excitement from the dentists attending the tradeshows.

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