Photo of Brian Toorani giving a patient a digital dental radiograph

Part of creating a positive patient experience, explains Dr. Brian Toorani, is providing the most comfortable setting for patients. At his Huntington Beach, California practice, he sees digital radiography as one of the best catalysts to helping create patient comfort.

At the Dental Oasis of Orange County, a relaxing spa-like setting with soothing music, aromatherapy and lush greenery is designed to help put patients at ease. Operatories equipped with state-of-the-art digital dental equipment from Sirona help move appointments seamlessly and efficiently. Together, these two components help to create an “oasis” for a pleasant dental experience.

Among the practice’s digital suites are Sirona, CEREC and Schick products. Most recently, Dr. Toorani upgraded his digital intraoral sensors with the Schick 33. Now he says he can’t imagine using anything else to take dental x-rays.

Early Detection

Early detection is the key to quick and effective treatment. Without a digital x-ray to catch decay at an early enough stage, a whole tooth may have to be extracted. And because the Schick 33’s image quality is so clear, even patients are now able to see problem areas.

“It only takes a matter of seconds for patients to point to a cavity they see on the x-ray image and ask us what it is,” says Dr. Toorani. “It’s definitely improved patients’ understanding of their treatment plan.”


Every operatory at the Dental Oasis has a large flat-panel TV mounted. Once an image is taken, the team can use the software tools to highlight problem areas and adjust image quality, and then display it on the screen. Dr. Toorani compares the experience of looking at a film x-ray versus a digital radiograph to watching a football game on standard television versus a high-def plasma widescreen  — it’s really created a “wow factor.”

“The clarity of details is phenomenal in digital,” said Dr. Toorani. “Schick 33’s images are so much more enhanced that you see things you’d otherwise miss in film. If you need a different angle or position, you can also take another x-ray almost instantly.”

Seamless Compatibility   

The Schick 33 features the unique interchangeable cable technology and remote module of the Schick Elite — the previous generation digital sensor that the office used. This made the transition seamless. The Schick 33 is also paired with Sirona’s powerfully simple imaging software.

“Digital dentistry is the standard of care today,” says Dr. Toorani. “We use the latest technology to make x-rays as safe, quick and precise as possible. It helps us maintain high-quality care for our patients.”

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