Photo of Dr. Peter Gardell

The office of Peter A. Gardell, DDS, PC, serves patients of all ages with dental services ranging from root canals to implants. During the last few years, the practice has undergone a digital transformation, moving away from traditional processes like film-based X-rays and toward digital radiography.

Dr. Gardell is a strong advocate of Sirona products. He uses CEREC AC with Bluecam, CEREC AC with Omnicam, GALILEOS Compact, GALILEOS 3D CBCT and Schick digital intraoral sensors.

Sirona recently spoke with Dr. Gardell about his switch to digital dentistry. 

Sirona: What influenced your decision to go digital?

Dr. Gardell: The biggest selling point was how digital enables you to manipulate images using the software. This capability enables me to see and show images in a new light and gain a better understanding of my patients’ oral health.

Sirona: What was the transition like?

Dr. Gardell: Like with any new technology, it took my dental team a little while to get used to it. No matter what the new technology is, your team will get comfortable and learn how to best use it, as mine did.

Sirona: Why did you choose the Schick digital intraoral sensors?

Dr. Gardell: When I first switched to digital, I started with a competitor system. I was often concerned about the image quality and I ultimately ended up switching over to Schick Elite digital sensors.

When I attended the CEREC 27 and a half event in the fall of 2012, I had the opportunity to see a Schick 33 demonstration and knew we needed to bring those sensors in next. While the Elite sensors have been excellent, Schick 33 takes the imaging quality to an even higher level.

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