Sirona recently spoke with Dr. Lindell Kemmet about digital intraoral radiography, which he says helps with co-diagnosis and patient education. Dr. Kemmet runs his practice, Kemmet Dental Design, in Minot, N.D.

Sirona: Tell us what kind of digital equipment you use.

Dr. Kemmet: We have two Schick 33 sensors (a size 1 and size 2), a Sirona XG3D cone beam, and a CEREC Bluecam and Omnicam

Sirona: Describe the transition from a paper-based practice to a digital one.

Dr. Kemmet: Overall, there were some growing pains with the new computers, IT security and setup issues. However, Patterson Dental was very supportive. We had a smooth installation, training, and help with the initial setup. The integration of the Schick sensor with the software was nearly flawless. The support you get from Sirona and Patterson is top notch.

Sirona: How would you say digital radiography improves your patients’ experience?

Dr. Kemmet: With film x-rays, patients were forced to put a large amount of trust in the dentist to do what he or she felt was right. Now we can transfer our education to patients by showing them sharp digital radiographs and intraoral images on 40″ LED TVs. Patients can really see the decay well and better understand what we’re explaining. There is no comparison in quality. And Schick 33 was the ultimate tipping point; it is easily the clearest sensor I have used. Digital has come into its own, overtaking film in quality and ease.

Sirona: How does it help your staff?

Dr. Kemmet: My hygienists can show me areas of concern confidently as I sit in the ops. Co-diagnosis is something that dentists rely on for accuracy and completeness.

Sirona: What would you say to other dentists considering the switch to digital radiography?

Dr. Kemmet: What are you waiting for? Your patients expect it and you deserve to have the ease in diagnosis. No more waiting a year to see if that is really decay or if your eyes are just deceiving you. Digital dentistry is necessary and “amazing,” as my assistant loves to point out to our patients daily.

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