Photo of Brian Toorani, DDS

Invest in your patients.

This is a mentality that I really take to heart. My patients are my number-one concern and it’s important that every time they step into my practice, they receive the best care possible. That means learning the newest dental procedures and, yes, investing in the latest technology.

I personally love digital radiography!

Many dentists often worry about making the switch from one technology to another. When it comes to transitioning from film-based X-rays to digital X-rays, you can be confident that your practice will receive its return on investment and bring better dentistry to your patients.

Are you still on the fence? I’d like you to consider a few things:

  1. Compare the Costs: Film production costs much more per hour than digital . With film, your practice is regularly investing in chemicals, materials, and even office space to accommodate the development process. You can eliminate all of these needs and costs by using digital sensors. 
  2. Explore your Financial Options: If you can’t make the full investment in digital right now, look into different financing options and pay the costs off over an extended period of time.
  3. Take Advantage of Training: Having proper training is really worth every penny! My practice received phenomenal training from both Patterson Dental and Sirona when we upgraded our operatories to the Schick 33 sensor. We learned how to position the digital sensors for the best views and how to maximize the software’s capabilities for better image management. If you and your team have the opportunity to receive training, don’t hesitate and sign up.

There should be no questions about it … if you haven’t already, go digital!

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